Ear Candling

ear candling a woman's earsEar candling is a healing practice that is centuries old. Therapists use a candle created by dipping a cloth in bees wax and shaping it like a cone. The cone is then inserted gently into the client’s ear and a flame is lit far away from ear on the other end. The vacuum caused by the heat pulls built up wax and depris from the ear canal.

Ear candling is painless and considered by many therapists to be a better alternative than flushing water through the ear to unblock or clear it as this sometimes will cause the debris to move farther into the ear canal.

Ear candling has been useful in helping clear some of these issues: ┬árelieving sinus painand pressure, helping unplug ears (following an illness), removing excess wax buildup, help relieve swimmers’ ear, and can assist with relief from headaches.


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